Friday, August 21, 2009


  So the past two weeks have been an emotional ride that I was not quite ready to take.  The good news, I have a job for the upcoming school year.  The bad news was it was not at my beloved Peck, but instead a new, very scary, very large school.  Oh, and I have also made my way back into the primary grades; something most people would die for, instead it left me walking in circles.  

First things first, I had to get my stuff moved in and my room looking pretty before I could do anything else.  And now, I have only two and a half days until school starts and I feel like I still have weeks of work left.  Tomorrow morning I will be putting the final "primary" touches to my room, thanks to Ikea, and hopefully feel a little more prepared for the big day.  

I now will leave with some before and after pictures of my room, so far.  I will have to blog once all of the prettiness is up and running.  

As for domestic posts, it is hard core school time, and the domestically challenged has left the building.  However, you never know when a domestic disaster is bound to strike!

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