Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trying something new

So I have decided to try something new, blogging.  Yes, I am aware that the rest of the world has already done this, but I figured I should see what it is all about.  My final push into blogging has come from other people actually.  As a new teacher I have so many amazing stories and experiences day in and day out.  I have been told to write everything down so I can write a book one day. Well, that seems like a little too much for me, so I figured I can blog about it instead.  And to explain the title of this blog, I will be sharing my oh not so domesticated experiences as a newlywed.  You name it, I have probably ruined it over my past year of marriage.  Everything from bleach disasters to upside down pizzas in the oven.  Somehow I can figure out how to make these disasters into something salvageable.  So, thanks to my mother in law for pointing out my ability to avoid total household meltdowns, and to my husband who has endured several barely edible meals.  So here it is, stories of education, and not being domesticated, and how things all seem to come together in the end.  

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