Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tis' the Season

So I haven't been blogging lately, mostly due to some serious stress in the classroom. Now I have been rejuvenated by some time off and feeling like sharing a few of my holiday decorations. I will also keep up with the projects we finish over the next week and a half. I'd like to start with my holiday stars/snowflakes that I made for my home this year. This is normally a project I do with my students, but seeing as how my kids are only 7, I figured maybe I would skip it this year.  I decided since I was making them for my home that I would use some Christmas scrapbook paper instead of my usual blue construction paper to help them fit the holiday decor. I think they turned out really fun and hope to make a few for my mom soon. Hope you enjoy the decorations, and seeing as how I am pretty much out of room in my house, I think I will be done decorating for the year, but I make no promises.


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