Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A college book I'm glad I kept

  So you know how you spend thousands of dollars on all those college textbooks, only to find you either sell them back for a ridiculous price, or keep them and run out of space on your bookshelf quickly?  Well, these are two books I'm glad I was forced to buy.  I have shared these books with so many of my teaching partners and they have found them just as valuable as me.

Why do they rock you may ask?  They are super user friendly.  You can throw one of these poems into your lesson plans without much prep or thought!  There is a type of poetry for all ages, all seasons, and themes.  Kids LOVE poetry, if it taught right, that is.  My kids LOVE getting the chance to write something shorter, and many times a piece that is a little more "free".   There is nothing better than seeing a kid smile because you say, yes, it is OK to not have periods.  This is a type of liberation any 10 year old can appreciate.

Oh, and grading poetry beats an essay any day.  Win, win.                                                                      

Thanks Professor Cecil!

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