Saturday, May 14, 2011

my pink friday

my fourth pink friday wasn't bad
my kids were busy at recess signing petitions as to why my district needs to hire me back
and hire me back at my current site - with them
it was pretty awesome how dedicated they are to saving my job
of course it won't save my job because everything is done by hire date
but, if my time comes, hopefully the efforts of my families will be rewarded
everyone, including me, wants to loop with my kids into 6th grade
so fingers crossed!
after school I made my way to the capitol for the rally
the husband met up with me too
so we decided to go here for dinner
and I picked up a new sign
right now I'm rockin it in one of my home windows
it might make it's way to my classroom window next week
we'll see
so, bottom line
getting laid off isn't so horrible when you receive an amazing amount of support from
students and their families
let's hope my pink slip and many others are rescinded soon


  1. Lyndsay you are such an inspiration with all that you do. You are so strong for going through this year after year. I am so happy that you have Mike for support. I really wish I still lived in Sac to do things like this with you at the capitol. We need to get one of those in my apt window, with a very teacher friendly home!


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