Tuesday, May 10, 2011

really, again?

Today I found out that Friday will be the day I receive lucky number seven
of pink slips that is.
This year I was hoping for something different.
Maybe a year where things just worked out.
It is funny how only my very first year of teaching did I not receive the dreaded "may" slip.
After a very ridiculous lunch of uncontrollable crying,
I pulled it together enough for my kids to not realize my over-the-top emotions.
Thankfully-they snapped me back into my normal self.
And then I came home to a clean house and dinner on the stove. 
Which brings me to the point of the picture with this post.
My husband rocks.
He helps me through all the craziness that comes with being a new teacher.
Maybe by our 10th wedding anniversary this can all be behind us.
Oh, and this amazing photo is thanks to Sarah Maren Photography.

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