Tuesday, June 21, 2011

stay at home wife?

hmmm.  I just realized that this is my first summer off since I was 16.
and even then, I was most likely playing mad amounts of softball
so, not really a summer off
people ask me how I got through school so fast and I tell them
lots of units per semester
and a religious dedication to summer school
and sure it paid off, because, even though
technically I'm an unemployed teacher
I pretty sure I'll get rehired in August (fingers crossed)
as soon as I was credentialed I started teaching summer school
something that is disappearing due to budget cuts
therefore, no more of that business for me
last summer should have been my first summer as a stay at home wife
but then my civic duty called and I was placed on a jury
which actually totally rocked
and that brings us to this summer, and today
last week was too crazy & hectic for me to notice the time
but this week, my domestic duties have been calling my name
all day
I have no idea how laundry and dishes and such get done during the school year
because I feel that has been pretty constant for me so far

and yes, then I realize that my husband does maybe a tad more than I realize
but now he is working full time, and I'm working a whopping zero hours per week
so I guess it's my turn
let us start with lunch.  I'm trying to get my health game back on.  And quite frankly,
I eat much better than when I'm packing a lunch @ 7:00 a.m.
I am currently enjoying the outside, while it is still bearable to do so
and not to mention, this is not the only table we have in our flat
the real kitchen table has been packed away to make room
for our danish modern obsession
but that's alright with me, because if I was inside
I wouldn't have this view...

so now, maybe some meal planning is in store for me
so to all you regular stay at home wives & mamas
you have a ton of credibility in my book
this summer, I will try to pretend to be one of you.

oh, and happy first day of summer.
I promise to enjoy you!

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