Wednesday, June 22, 2011

local lovin' - ladybug ladybug

I decided that since the teaching posts will be a tad light for the next few months, I can focus on some other favorite things.  I am born and raised in the surrounding Sacramento suburbs, but find that our downtown is the BEST part of this city, and that is where the husband & I choose to reside currently.  So, this summer I'm going to start highlighting some of my spots I can't live without.

First off, Ladybug Ladybug.  Yes, I have already linked this place on the blog, but why not show you more?

This adorable store has my name written all over it.  This shop is filled with an array of cards & gift items, many which are from local artists and dealers!  Who doesn't love that?

I've already had several successful shops here and plan to visit again soon.  Not to mention, the owner, who also has a second location in Noe Valley (San Francisco), is pretty fun to talk with as well.

So, if you are in the downtown area, check this little gem out.  I'm sure you will find something you just can't live without.

the facts:
location: 2512 J St. Sacramento, CA
hours: Monday through Saturday 10:30 - 6:30 and Sunday 10:30 - 4:30
you can find them here @ their website & here @ facebook.

photos from here

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