Saturday, June 25, 2011

making the most of all this car time

I am loving all my summer adventures
I am not loving how much time I have spent in a car lately
so, when in doubt
or feeling restless - take pictures
and that's just what I did
on our way home I see this amazing looking church off the freeway
of course I tell the husband just a tad too late
so we take the next exit, only to find that on-ramp is closed
(for no apparent reason - we almost blew through some cones)
after driving a ways we get back going the direction we want
and the signs at the end of the driveway made me stay away
well, the husband had the sense to stay away
I wanted to just drive a ways & play dumb if necessary
or, could have said I was a teacher in need of work?!?
well, instead, we drove home.

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