Friday, June 24, 2011

scenic route to cloverdale

husband had the great idea to go & visit my best friend
I love when last minute plans just work out
in fact, they seem to work out better for me!
we had all day to burn before our friends were off work
(because it was a wednesday after all)
off the side of the freeway
passed 'em a million times, finally stopped
not bad but not the best - did find a couple of goodies
then we browsed downtown petaluma for a while
LOTS of antiques, not much mid century
in fact the local thrift store was the best - thrifty hippy
then if was time to keep heading up 101 to our friend's house
enjoyed some b.b.q & rainbow cupcakes
and called it a very good nite.


  1. The owl came home with me!!! It lights up too, the eyes & all the color pieces. Perfection.


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