Tuesday, August 23, 2011

so it's my birthday

I was pretty lucky because my sister surprised me and came home for the day!
Unfortunately, she didn't get a very kind welcome at my new school.
Some people weren't even sure who she was asking for - hmmm, that's not good.
Anyways, our family went out to dinner - enjoyed a lot of finger foods.
And I tried to make the most of the night, even though my day was still pretty rough.
Now it's time to crash - and look through my new Pyrex Collector's Guide
the husband got me for my birthday!


  1. Happy birthday!! I am sorry it was a rough day at school. Hopefully it gets better quickly. Finger foods, family and a Pyrex Collector's Guide sound amazing :)

  2. YUM.

    I haven't been to the cafeteria yet!

    P.S, LOVE your dress.

    Happiest of birthdays!

  3. Any serious Pyex collector needs " the book" - great gift! Happy Birthday!

  4. thanks - the cafeteria is good - happy hour is better &
    pyrex books are wonderful


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