Sunday, October 9, 2011

sunday's "so they said"

Missed last week's "so they said".  I'm thinking weekends when I have class, posting will be pretty much non-existent.  So, here are a couple of my favorites from the past two weeks:

While seeing my kids from last year at the school's annual Fall Festival, my kids were full of quotes.  My favorites were...
"Mrs. Lewis, you are still wearing that bird necklace.  And your purse is the same.  And your shoes."
They realized that things haven't really changed even though I'm not their teacher anymore.  I realized that I am a creature of habit who prefers spending my extra money on pyrex, not accessories.

"Mrs. Lewis, the worst part of this year is you not teaching us science.  I miss that the most."
Go figure, the subject that almost put me over the edge is what some miss the most, I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought sometimes!

And finally, this week my 8th graders were pretty great too.  In response to my newly re-filled air freshener...
"Mrs. Lewis, it smells SO good in here.  Like a little piece of fall heaven.  Thank you for that."
You are welcome.
here is a little glimpse into our walk tonight.
these shots are from two houses in the neighborhood
that are real into decorating!

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