Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sharing v. stealing

well, like I said earlier - I was pretty excited for this week
having the students once again jump into some historical roles
this time they have joined either the Federalist or Republican party
and tomorrow we will be having our own little political rally
for the election of 1800
so here's my dilemma:
when are you sharing a lesson, and when are you stealing?

because right now, I'm pretty sure that my lessons are being stolen
in person, right under my nose
now before I go further, I am all about sharing, and planning together
because from years past, I know that collaboration truly yields better teaching
so, with that being said
I'm in a situation where I will be teaching, and another teacher will come in
see what I'm doing, and then either take whatever direction sheet or handout I'm using
or ask for a copy
and that's that
and yes, I have talked to this teacher about this very situation
and yes, it stopped for a while
but today kicked things right back into the swing of things
I pride myself on being strong & outspoken
but being in this situation is just no fun
so my quick fix solution - emblazon my name on any project sheet I create
that way I know my projects are getting credit, even if  it is in just a small way


  1. Ack :( this is tough. I work in the college system (in Canada) and intellectual property is such a huge issue, especially with the rise in online courses (some colleges go so far as to say that as soon as any content is uploaded onto Blackboard, they own it!)

    Anyway, perhaps she means no harm, and just knows that you have good ideas. Or she could be lazy and have entitlement issues. I don't know, but I wish you luck!

  2. I'm was in a similar situation earlier this year. I tailor all my worksheets to fit my kids and plan them out weeks in advance. Usually a well planned worksheet will last me a week to three weeks because I spend lots of time thinking about what I'll need and what direction I'll be headed in. So in the beginning of the year in an attempt to help out a new teacher I gave him a few of my worksheets to hold him off for a week or two, thinking I'd be nice. However he got hooked on them and started asking me for all of them. Now, I'm all for sharing but I don't like the idea that I have to hand over all of my hard work so another individual can have it a bit easier. I poured hours upon hours into those sheets. I did end up steering him in the right direction and he stopped asking. But I hear you on it being a tough spot to be put in.

    1. Ok - Jenn, you are in the exact situation! The only difference, the man I'm "helping" has been in the profession 21 years! Can I just tell you how much it kills me - I work so hard on my lessons, and like you said, handing over that work is just not right. I will be steering this one back in the right direction as well, again!


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