Wednesday, March 21, 2012

afternoon snacking

this week has been all about catching up
catching up on grading
which is a good thing since the third quarter ends next week
catching up on sleep
which I can't seem to get enough of
catching up on my vitamin D by seeing the sun for a few days
which is apparently leaving again soon
and this week has also been about starting a new afternoon tradition
why in the world I never ate oranges before is beyond me
so yeah, I'm also catching up on vitamin C
and that is just about all I have to say...
oh, and on another note
 I can't believe that this school year is already almost over
7 more days until spring break
and then it is all down hill from there
5 years of teaching is almost in the books


  1. Almost five years of teaching, that is such an accomplishment! I hope you have many more rewarding years :)

    I was never much of an orange eater but then they were really cheap so I started buying big bags full... I love freshly squeezed juice or having some orange slices on the side with my breakfast~

    1. thanks Lyndall - and yes, oranges are cheap, and who knew, amazing!


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