Wednesday, April 18, 2012

slavery mandalas

some weeks can get kind of tricky with scheduling
and for whatever reason you end up with two days where you are just kind of
"in between"
and what better thing to do than art
and so that's exactly what we did
and hey, since I had to make my very own mandala for my masters class
why not have my students join in the fun?
they created their mandalas on slavery
before working on their finals they did brainstorm their eight symbols to represent
different aspects of life, culture, and experiences
having the center of the mandala being the most significant symbol
we also found folding the final draft paper into fours 
helped the students create a circular design
they also included a key on the back of the mandala
 to explain each symbol
overall, this art project knocked my socks off
can't wait to hang them up in the room

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