Thursday, May 24, 2012

counting down the days

well this year is rapidly approaching the end
I'm feeling pretty zen about having to move classrooms/schools again
however, I must admit that these days focussing on lesson planning is getting a tad hard
and instead
all I'm thinking of is being back here...
and getting to enjoy our season passes as much as we can this summer
and trust me, there will be plenty of Dole Whips & Dole Floats in my future
and if you haven't tried one of these and have been to Disneyland
I suggest you do that pronto
eleven school days to go
and as we all know
a few of those are going to be some all "fun" days
so a little bit more work and play
and then this summer we will be 
taking advantage of our last "baby free" summer road trips


  1. Enjoy your last baby free summer! You can have fun thinking about when you will take your little one with you to Disneyland fir the first time :)

  2. yes we will - and we are already planning some little one trips, hopefully little lewis travels as well as I did as a baby!

  3. good luck as you finish out your last days of school! :)


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