Wednesday, July 25, 2012

opposite schedules

this week the mr. and I have been experiencing very different schedules
I've been working overtime on my masters
which has meant early mornings and long days
and the husband has been going in late and closing up shop
so, I've been on my own in the evenings
and thankfully this doesn't happen too much because cooking for just me
doesn't really happen
because the mr. isn't there pretty much running the dinner show
so due to some rather large lunch study meals
my dinners have been consisting more of fruit, veggies, and frozen yogurt
tomorrow I'll be back to normal, promise
and tonight while I was walking the three blocks to the yogurt shop [so dangerous]
I stumbled onto a little street festival
I'm still not sure what exactly it was for, or who was sponsoring it
but there were lots of very large art displays of cardboard boxes turned into tunnels
bands playing & art for sale
all in all it was fun to walk through
but it would have been a little more fun if I wasn't solo
thankfully just a few more days until our vacation
and I kind of can't wait!

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