Monday, September 3, 2012

everly mae

naming a child is really quite the experience
and for the mr. and I it seemed pretty effortless
we did not officially start talking names until we knew if we were having a boy or girl
and once we knew, it still wasn't a major conversation
one thing we did know was the name we had always talked about for a girl
was no longer an option
it had become too popular, and when both parents have very common names
we wanted something a little more unique, without being crazy

when I first got pregnant I had an interesting conversation with one of our uncles
where he starting telling us how the baby will name herself
and you will just know when you have landed on the right name
now, I must admit I kind of left that night thinking, umm, okay
but the craziest part is that I now completely agree with this statement
the mr. and I never could come up with a boy name
and we always kind of joked that it was because we were not going to have a boy
and that happened
and then as soon as we found out little lewis was a girl
nothing but E names came to me
I would send the husband several texts with names that I loved
and ALL of them started with the letter E
he started to get that there was a direction with the name
while perusing popular names from the 1920's & 1930's 
I came up with the name Everly
and I knew it was it
the husband loved it pretty much right away
but took his time letting me know that it was "the name"
his reason for waiting?
he said it just seemed "too easy to name her"

the middle name was set years ago
Mae is the most beautiful middle name I've ever heard
it also happens to be the middle name of my best friend
and the name of a band that has been a pretty big part of my adult life

so there you have it
how we came up with the name for our little E
it has just the right amount of vintage elegance for us
and it is different without being crazy
Everly Mae, we cannot wait to meet you

thank you to Meg for making so many beautiful signs for the upcoming baby shower
they are even more amazing than I could have imagined
having artistic family members is very beneficial


  1. What an absolutely adorable name! Too cute!!

  2. Hi Mrs. Lewis!!!!!! Its me Erin B. Everly Mae is a super cute name!!!!!!!!!! I told my Mom ad sister and they love it too!

  3. Such a pretty name! I love the name Everly and the story of how you chose it is so sweet :)

    1. thank you lyndall - I'm glad I shared how we got to the name, I'm afraid little details like that might become lost if I don't take the time to write about them now :)

  4. What a sweet,sweet name! I love reading the stories behind a little one's name. I've always loved E names, too. Especially for girls. :)

    Can't wait to see little Everly!

    1. thanks Kiki - it was funny how quickly I became obsessed with E names, I don't think I ever was before :)


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