Sunday, September 16, 2012

sunday's "so they said" [back for another school year]

we've been back in school for almost a month
and it is time to get back into "so they said"
one of my favorite quotes from this week was when I heard a student say

"I think I do more art in history than I do in art class."
I'm glad they are loving the art integration, but I'm curious as to what art class look likes.
This week I also realized that teaching ancient history and the middle ages
is harder for kids to grasp the concept of exactly
how long ago we are talking about
and I'm thinking I need to take some time doing some type of timeline activity
I think I remember doing something with receipt tape
and spreading it across the room, so I'll get back to you on that one
once I figure it all out
and here is the quote that made me realize I need to back the bus up
when doing acrostic poems on the Roman Empire
I came across the line for the letter "m"

"Most Romans had cars."

oh, ok
well that's good
at least most Romans had cars
overall I feel the project went well
the poems worked as an assessment piece for the chapter
[some got it, some didn't - obviously]
and the mosaics went perfectly with the project
but I'm also glad that I caught the confusion
because I think everyone could use a little time reference
because I was also asked

"Are we still in the Middle Ages?"
sure, it was our very first day of the unit so I'm good with this question
here's to making pre-teens realize the difference between old, and old-old

have a great rest of the weekend - now it is time for me to get ready for my baby shower!
so excited to see everyone and celebrate miss everly mae


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