Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween - goodbye october

today was a very unconventional Halloween for me
first off, I wasn't in the classroom, obviously, so that was new for me
secondly, I am kind of in that mode where baby could come any day
and I realize that putting things off isn't a good idea
so yesterday was a major clean out of some closets with the mr.
and today, well today was for taking down Halloween decorations
the only catch
when I take down Halloween decorations, I put Christmas ones up
now to try to balance things out I did have on Edward Scissor Hands 
in the background while decorating
and yes, you have pictured it correctly
I am sitting here Halloween evening
completely surrounded by my own winter wonderland
it is even sprinkling outside a bit
and since we did our celebrating last weekend for Halloween
and I watched my obligatory October movie - Hocus Pocus
I am very ready to welcome in November
but for now I wish everyone a happy Halloween
no matter what the day may have brought you, I hope you made the best of it
display via Scout Living

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