Thursday, October 18, 2012

maternity leave has officially begun

and it is already rockin'
getting to sleep in
having time to tidy things up around the house
and starting to run some baby errands felt pretty great
however, leaving my classroom yesterday was a very odd feeling
knowing the room is still mine, and has all my stuff
but knowing there will be another teacher there for six months was kind of giving
this control freak some mixed emotions
with that being said
I left gladly
this year has been a challenge for me
and I quickly realized that my focus now was outside the classroom
I never got planned in for more than a couple of days at a time
something that has never happened before
so now I am very glad to spend this year becoming a mom
and knowing that I will get my passion back for the classroom
it is just not going to happen right at this moment
instead, it's baby time folks


  1. What an interesting feeling-- I can only imagine what it feels like to walk away from your room knowing you'll be back. How wonderful to have six months though instead of just weeks :) Enjoy and best wishes!

    1. yes, it is still a little strange for me, but I am loving all the time to get "ready", whatever that really means :)


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