Sunday, January 20, 2013

oh hey, I'm ten weeks old

if I could have a favorite
being ten weeks old would surely be my favorite week so far
this week I went on my first vacation to Disneyland
my first visit to the beach while staying in Manhattan Beach
I got to feel sand for the first time, and see the ocean, and a lot of sun
I was great with the first two things
the sun, well, it's ok, but I prefer keeping my eyes closed if it gets too bright
or wear my dad's shades of course
other firsts include my first smathering of sunblock [thanks mom for that]
I also got to have some tummy time on the beach
and I'm pretty into being on my tummy these days
I started figuring out some scooting this week
in fact, leave me there for a couple of minutes and I will get myself
turned in a half-circle pretty quickly
and one of the best parts of my vacation to southern california
was the warmer weather, like temperatures in the 70's
and since the highs were in the 30's when we left home
mom was pretty excited to get to see my toes and head without
a ton of layers on them!
time for a quick snooze at grandma and grandpa's house before dinner
until next week
-Everly Mae

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