Tuesday, February 5, 2013

everly mae visits the zoo

last week the mr. and I had the chance to take miss everly
to the zoo for the very first time
now, before I had everly, the zoo would not have been my first place
to hang out on a day off with the mr.
let's just say I have a very sensitive nose
but I couldn't wait to go there now that I'm a mom
funny how quickly things change
highlights included the newly redesigned giraffe home and viewing area
and the perfectly pink flamingos of course
everly was pretty into checking things out as usual
until we realized that it was 1:00 in the afternoon
and E hadn't slept at all that morning, so she got pretty tired pretty fast
but who doesn't love getting to stop and nurse in the middle of the zoo
so we had a slight timing mom fail on that one, but we recovered
and we cannot forget when our little lady had a bit of a "diaper incident"
as we will refer to it
while visiting the reptile house
I'll just let you know that we had our daughter completely naked
in the middle of the zoo [geez, again]
as we pretty much gave her a baby wipe bath
[followed by a real bath as soon as we got home!]
with that being said, I would still deem our first trip to the zoo
a success
and we can now check the zoo off the list of firsts

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