Saturday, March 23, 2013

oh hey, I'm 19 weeks old!

I'm going to have to say
that turning nineteen weeks could also be called
"oh hey, I found just about everything this week"
for so many weeks now things have just been hanging out around me
and I have only half noticed them
now, I am all over them with my hands
for example, there is this fun little dangly toy on the handle of my car seat
sure, I've seen it for weeks now
but this last week it was mine
while my big people are busy getting me in and out of the car
I can now just grab onto this little guy and really have fun
making him bounce up and down and make that jingle noise I love so much
other new discoveries this week include my feet
yes, I have two of them, not just one like I had thought previously
and whenever I'm laying down, they are in both hands
my thinking is it is only a matter of days before I figure out how to get them 
to my mouth
and one of my favorite discoveries this past week...
mom's face
yup, I really found it 
sure, I've been looking at it since the minute I was born
but now I like getting super close, and grabbing onto it with both hands
smooshing around her cheeks
and grabbing her nose
this is my new way that I hang out with her in the afternoons after she gets home
from teaching some really big kids
a couple times I was really getting into her face, and figured I would see
if she tasted like Sophie
well, she did not, but it was still fun to try
in other news, I get to hang out with dad a lot more these days
and he takes me to this really colorful place twice a day
that mom calls "work"
and all this coming and going has really made my days fly by
and finally, I am officially scooting backwards
like almost crawling, but backwards
put me on the ground and watch me travel almost the whole distance of a room
yup, it is pretty fun
one day I'll figure out how to go the other way
-Everly Mae

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