Tuesday, April 9, 2013

sick days now days

being a sick mom is a whole new thing for me
thankfully, it is just a cold, but a doozie of one
I'm doing my best to make sure that Everly doesn't get it
which means about a thousand less kisses a day from me
which sucks
even though I cannot breathe at the moment
and my eyes are burning, watery, and red
and I have a cough that probably won't go away for a month or so
the upside to being a sick mom, no work
which means I do get a little more Everly time
even if I have to just look from afar a little more than I'm used to
and thankfully I have a pretty awesome guy I call this girl's daddy
to help me around the house, even more than normal
today we did one thing besides rest
made a new bow that fits better
and looks better, and I'm overall way happy with
and took a bunch of pictures on my phone
and yes, I couldn't get enough sun flare
or goober faces

want to make this felt bow - I used this blog to help
however, I just free handed it with some scissors,
 I didn't think printing out a template was necessary, but maybe I'm just lazy
all pictures edited through Afterlight

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