Thursday, July 4, 2013

independence day

I hope everyone here in America enjoys our Independence Day.  For me, it started in true history teacher fashion with some Revolutionary War documentaries, and I was laughing to myself because all of the commercials were clearly geared towards middle age men, but I'm ok with that.  And after a new shiny manicure, a last minute craft project, a fresh batch of rice crispy treats, and some flower arranging in mason jars for today, I'm ready to relax by my grandma's pool, try to survive the last day of this ridiculous heat wave we've been enduring this week, and most importantly, celebrate this pretty great nation of ours that overcame some pretty crazy odds to gain independence.
oh, and you better believe I hit the 4th of july clearance rack
at target pretty hard the other day
so stay tuned to ridiculously cute patriotic baby photos soon!
happy fourth of july!

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