Wednesday, October 23, 2013

the pumpkin farm

I love fall, not new news.  I love fall with my baby girl, probably not a stretch for anyone reading this blog.  A few weeks ago the mr. and I decided to squeeze in a quick trip to a pumpkin farm before going to my school's pasta feed.  I'm still not sure if the pumpkin farm changed, or if I was picturing a different location all together, because where we ended up was not exactly what I had in mind.  Even so, it made for a perfect quick visit, and some fun photos, and I think we plan on hitting up "the big farm" tomorrow while I still have Everly's daddy on vacation.  Even though the farm was limited, it didn't stop Everly from enjoying it, and even eating her first clump of dirt.  Oh good.

Thanks for putting up with us and our camera E, even at a fifteen minute trip to the pumpkin farm!


  1. Hi -- I am just loving all of these adorable pumpkin patch photos!! would you mind shooting me an email when you get a sec rebekah(dot)gough(at)gmail(dot)com so I can get you hooked up with your prize :) I just can't seem to track your email down anywhere..thanks and happy friday!


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