Tuesday, September 22, 2009

craft time...

This last weekend I finally got to try out some of the halloween craft projects I have been wanting to do. A couple of years ago I fell in love with the paper flower poms that Martha came out with. There is a picture of the green ones my loving mother made for one of my bridal showers. LOVE THEM! Now I found that Martha did sell the black & silver poms for Halloween, but it must have been previous years. So, I decided that I could make them, with the help of my mom, out of black tissue paper. By the way, the best place to find black is at a party store. Target, no, dollar store, no, party city, YES! They were a bit of a fuss to get down the complete technique, but after some fun and floral wire I was able to make 5 poms in various sizes for about $4. If I would have bought the Martha pack at Michael's we would be talking more like $25. So, I am super excited with the project.
I also found I had some small odd sizes pieces left over when I cut down the square tissue paper to a rectangle (a totally necessary step in order to make the sphere shape, trust me, I tried). I tried using these scraps to make mini flowers and to my surprise it totally worked. The next day I bought a small foam floral sphere and stuck in the paper flowers into it using some floral dowels. I used some dried red flowers and leftover ribbon from my wedding rehearsal bouquet, and wa-lah, I think I have one pretty rocking decoration. Have fun checking out the evidence! Next step: blood candles & maybe more poms.

Oh, and thanks to my loving husband, more crafts will be tried soon. He brought me home an awesome halloween magazine last night. I'm so thankful he is ok with this whole mad early decorating.

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