Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Own "Giving Tree"

So a few years ago I was given the idea by a friend and co-worker at Bel Air that stuck with me. She had gone to her son's back to school night and told me about a "Giving Tree" the teacher had made and attached different classroom supplies onto the branches. I decided to try this out this year. After reading the story to the kids they cut out "hand leaves" and then I wrote on them different supplies such as hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, kleenex, etc. At back to school night I invited parents to take a leaf off the tree if they would like to donate to the class. It has been a huge success. I am now pretty well stocked on the necessities!

Now it was time to transition the giving tree. We are using the tree as a way to give compliments to fellow classmates. Again, we practiced cutting (which is going slowly!) and then each student was invited to write a compliment to a classmate, and then write one for themselves. Here is the final product, I think it worked great. I would like to change out the compliments every week or so to keep up positive morale among them. Here are also a few extra pictures of the room finally coming together.

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