Wednesday, June 16, 2010


In February we had fun decorating Valentine's bags and trading sweet treats. The kids were so wired, even without eating any candy in class, I was very glad to send them off for their week of no school for the President's holidays. We also decorated Pysanky eggs, which may look like Easter eggs, but no, they are not. Instead, the Pysanky eggs were a project tied in with our Language Arts story, and no, don't ask me the name at this time.

For the eggs we whipped out the old oil pastels, and when I mean old, they were probably made around the same year I was! The kids loved them and actually didn't destroy much of the class. Then we did some of our first water coloring of the year. This was the first of many painting projects we did in the spring. We also continued on with the water colors when we made our geometric shape art. Both of these projects were up for open house and looked beautiful on the windows.

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