Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So, I'm a little behind

Well folks, the year is over. However, I missed a lot of blogging due to the amount of stress I was enduring in the last few months of the school year. I have come out with a few helpful hints when teaching.

#1 Do not teach a combo. The schedule itself will make your head spin.
#2 Do not teach a combo that was never articulated to be a combo.
#3 Do not teach a combo that is filled with students who have been administratively transferred, or retained.
#4 Start doing yoga as soon as you think you may need to place a student in an "Emotionally Disturbed" class. I started after several months of this process and I don't think I have still bounced back completely.
#5 Stick to your gut. Think that 8 year olds aren't your thing, well then, you are probably right!
#6 Remember, due to massive budget cuts, no summer school = an actual summer off.

So now I will try to share as many of the projects I did with my kiddos since January. I must say, they did do some pretty amazing things.

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