Friday, March 25, 2011

My trip down the fundamental road

Well, after a few tries my district finally placed me this last year in a 5th grade position (thank Buddah) at a fundamental school. Now for the entire world who does not know what this means, it is quite the opposite of how it sounds. No, I didn't spend my days teaching 2+2. Instead, we are an enrollment only school where volunteer hours are strictly required, and documented (by everyone but me!).

Unfortunately, I did not come into this opening with happiness, butterflies, and rainbows. Instead, I was placed there because a truly amazing teacher had passed away suddenly in June. Now it was my time to try to live up to a teacher who was an institution at this school. Needless to say, I was really wishing to be ANYWHERE but there. How little did I know that it would come to be a class and experience I will never forget. So, here is how I came into my room after the staff tried to help, and here is what my room looked like after one VERY long day.

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