Tuesday, July 26, 2011

eighty cents!

Why yes, I did score these today for eighty cents!  They are pretty much in perfect condition and I just couldn't resist. I have been on the canister hunt for quite some time but just never could commit to a set.

Now, I'm not sure if I will keep them or eventually set up a lil' etsy shop of my own.
But for now I'll admire their bright & cheeriness.

On another note - we are nearing the end of July which means the end of summer is quickly approaching.  Now yes, that will mean that my daily thrifting will be cut out of my new routine, but I must say I am eager to get back into the classroom.  However, no, I'm still not hired back.  And yes, the daily "not hired" nightmares have begun!  Well, they actually started in June, but they are becoming more realistic and plausible as the months come and go.  Almost every night I am dreaming that I show up at one of the many schools that I have taught at on the first day of school and go around asking if anyone on campus has work for me.  No thank you.  So, if my district could just call me and put all this madness to an end, I would greatly appreciate it.  

But until then, I will avoid any teacher stores, back to school aisles, and educational supplies. They just make me frustrated that I have all the time in the world, and can't possible be do one stitch of planning or prepping!  

So, I'll thrift until that magical phone call comes.  Fingers crossed it comes next week - and yes, I am being pretty optimistic that I'll hear that early.  First day of school - August 22nd, please let me be ready!

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  1. my fingers are crossed with you! come on phone call!!!

  2. Such cute canisters! And for 88 cents that is amazing. I just got a set of four cute blue ones from the 1970s, but they weren't thrifted. My mom's friend gave them to me (along with Pyrex she was given for her wedding - none of which is used.)

    Best of luck with getting rehired. I'd like to find a teaching job this year, but it isn't looking good.

  3. i am officially jealous! canisters with writing on them is a weakness of mine.



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