Monday, July 25, 2011

local lovin' - Long Beach Antique Mall II
(travel edition)

Let's just say that the husband and I LOVED Long Beach's Retro Row.  We loved it so much we actually went there two days in a row!
So, for this local lovin' I am going to feature the spot we just couldn't get enough of!  The Long Beach Antique Mall has just opened a second location across the street and it was a dream come true.
We've only been home two days and we are already talking about our next trip to this place!

The Details:
Located - 3100 East Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90804
Contact - (562) 494-2526
Hours - 10-5 daily
See what they have HERE!


  1. Wow wow wow! Looks very cool! I've never really done anything in Long Beach, so I want to go check this out.

  2. I totally enjoyed watching your vacation through your blog! It look like you had so much fun :o) I love that whole area and the beaches there are a blast! Good luck w/ the job stuff, we are hoping you get re-hired and soon.


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