Wednesday, July 13, 2011

pretty little things

Now for those of you who aren't that into pyrex, you may not know that this first set of bowls is pretty cool, collecting speaking.  I found them at a thrift store for not such a thrift store price.  However, when I went back their tag was the 50% off color, so I picked them up for $35.  I now just need to find the little blue bowl that this set is missing.  These bowls date back to the 1940's and are in really good condition considering they were around when FDR was president!

Primary Colors Set - 1940's
These guys are much newer and pretty easy to find.  However, they make great daily users.  Also, I have found them so cheap, currently this set has cost me $5!

Butterfly Gold Pattern - introduced 1972
With my new pieces I've added recently I had to do some creative re-arranging to make everything fit, without hiding any pieces.  I'm pretty happy with how they are displayed.  Also, I have room for my little blue, and the green new dots bowl I'm missing!
Head over to The Pyrex Collective II if you want to see more of my pyrex posts!


  1. loving your pyrex collection! And what is that vintage set below the pyrex? Is that mikasa? I love vintage mikasa as well!

  2. thanks - it is actually a Taylor, Smith & Taylor pattern. They call it Cathay, and I'm kind of in love with it! Thanks for following!

  3. I need your help finding Photog props! I am not a good "thrift storer" ;o) Can you help me?! I need trunks, old suitcases, chairs, baskets, ect.

  4. You have such a great blog! I just got done reading the past ten posts of yours, I loveee all the vintage things!

  5. That set is indeed very cool. :) Love how you display them.


    Pyrex makes me happy!

  7. Wow, awesome! I feel inspired to go Pyrex hunting :-)


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