Tuesday, July 12, 2011

american tourister

Why yes, it is true.  Very soon the husband & I are going to be some american tourister's for our anniversary vacation.  So when I stumbled upon this complete little set,  I just couldn't say no.  Also, all three pieces were mine for $24.  Now I have more luggage than I know what to do with.  I'm thinking that cute Samsonite I found earlier for $7 will need to be re-purposed somehow.  The husband suggested turning it into an end table/storage unit, so if I get handy I'll post the results.  
Now, back to our little vacation that will be here before I know it - I would LOVE suggestions and things to see & places to eat.  We are spending our first night of our trip in Solvang, CA (the Danish capital of the United States, of course).
image here

Now, just the images I find when I google this place is making me giddy.  I'm thinking a rather large photo post will be up soon after our visit!  Once we spend a little time here, we are off to Manhattan Beach, and the Los Angeles area in general.

Here is where I would LOVE any advice you can give me.  If you have found some gems in that general area, I would love to frequent them myself.  Typically when we head down to the southern part of our state, I am visiting one of my happiest places on earth, Disneyland.  But, we decided since it is the peak of tourist season down there, maybe to pass on this location.  Which pretty much means, I have no idea what else to do!  Now yes, I will be having my iPhone lead me to as many thrift stores & antique stores as I can stand, but mixing up our days a bit would be nice.  Not to mention, my one bedroom flat is letting me know I need to start an Etsy account and start selling some things.  But, I chose not to listen, at least not yet.

But at least I know one thing for sure, my luggage will make me pretty happy.  Not to mention, spending a whole week with the hubs is pretty good too!


  1. cool! love the color. oh and isnt it heavy though??

  2. it's really not too heavy. when I first picked up the large suitcase I panicked because it was so heavy, turns out they had put the smaller piece inside. I'm thinking as long as I'm not packing books in it, I should be fine!

  3. I have no tips for visiting that area, since I live in Texas...but...happy anniversary! When is your anniversary?! Ours is next week...3 years!

  4. Ours is July 18th, and also three years! What is your date?

  5. July 19th!!! No way!!!!!

    How fun to celebrate together across blogs!


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