Friday, July 22, 2011

pyrex vacation find...finally

The husband & I finally had some vacation success today while visiting Long Beach & all their vintage awesomeness!  We had the best luck at the Long Beach Antique Mall II - a new location just added across the street from the original Long Beach Antique Mall.  We typically have a hard time finding a lot of mid-century lovin' in the Sacramento area other than our beloved Midway Antiques & the new Scout Living.  However, Long Beach is not having any shortages in this area & we were in love!  I was pretty good, but I did have to snag this little promotional casserole dish from Pyrex.  I am currently seeking some advice about this piece on the Pyrex Collective II, my research has turned up very little info.  Could that mean I stumbled on something really good?  Well, maybe.  Even if not, it was a reasonable price, & it matches my favorite dishes in the whole wide world!  I can't wait to use this casserole along side our china.  I think a dinner party is in store soon!


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