Sunday, July 10, 2011

ten on ten - july

 I really enjoyed my first ten on ten and look forward to doing it again in august
and, hopefully by the tenth of august I will be posting classroom "set up" photos!
fingers crossed


  1. Great job! I love the street art one (I feel like I should call it that instead of graffiti because I just watched a documentary about it) and the LOVE IS REAL in the sidewalk!

  2. I love the angles on all your photos. And your purse is awesome!

  3. What an amazing 10! Love the "LOVE IS REAL" shot and ohhhh... that fan... I can almost hear and feel the wirrrrrrrrr.... it was a scoarcher today ;D

    Happy 10 Day!

  4. i'm loving this! i wish i could wind down and just read a book. i need to get on that stat!

    my fingers are crossed with you! i'm hoping your next 10 on 10 will be your lovely class! :)

  5. love is also, that fan is fabulous!

  6. these photos are absolutely striking! i am in love with your use of colour and composition of the shots. you are really talented!


  7. Love your blog and love your photos! The kitty cat is too cute for its own good ;) And that graffiti is pretty awesome!

    Thanks for sharing. It was my first time doing a Ten on Ten and it's so great glimpsing other people's lives!

    This Good Life

  8. I love the graffiti wall! If you check out my blog, I just photographed a family in front of it and my hubs cousin :o) Great finds, love your posts as always!

  9. Your set is just gorgeous. There are so many things that I love about it! Just beautiful and I'll cross my fingers for you too :)

  10. This was my first 10 on 10, too!

  11. these are so fab! great perspectives. don't you just love ten on ten? :)

  12. WoW!!!
    1st ten on ten and ALREADY one of the favorites????
    Great set!!! Congrats!

    I´m from Brazil but I try to participate too. Go see my "10 on 10 - colours", this month! Hope you like it!

    Kisses and blessings.


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