Sunday, July 10, 2011

cupcakes in a jar

These have become quite the hit.  All you need to make them yourself is some shiny new mason jars.  I use the half pint size & they are perfect.
When it comes to making the cupcakes I like to choose two different flavors, but it would work with just one flavor as well.  Make sure when baking your cupcakes to fill up each cupcake wrapper only 1/4 of the way.  Also, with the cupcakes being so small, baking time typically seems to take about 5 minutes less than the regular instructed time for cupcakes.
Once your cupcakes are cooled, unwrap & start layering.  When using two cake flavors, whichever flavor is going to be layered twice should be the smallest cupcakes (mostly so you have enough for the jars).  In between each layer goes a small layer of icing.  I just use a gallon size plastic bag with a small cut in the corner & a large icing tip.
On the top layer pipe a little more icing & maybe even some sprinkles and enjoy!
I think tying a spoon on the outside like I did for the fourth of july makes them pretty darn cute!  Hope you try them too.  With two cake mixes you can easily make up to twenty jars!  For last night's get-together I didn't need that many so I decided to freeze the left-over cupcakes which will make cupcakes in a jar much easier next time!


  1. guurrrlll...i gonna do this! i love cupcakes, icing, and mason jars! mainly, i love cupcakes :) so clever!

  2. oh, this is so great! i am all kinds of inspired right now. thanks for sharing!



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