Saturday, July 9, 2011

a week of thrifting

This summer I have been determined not to get "bored".  Last summer I was pretty antsy by week two, and that was even with jury duty!  So, to fill my time and give each day purpose I have been doing the following - jogging every morning, thrifting every day, and reading as much as possible.  Here are a few pictures of my finds, pretty good week if I say so myself!

my fifty cent pyrex find!
found a couple of plates for our china collection - first time in a thrift store!
and yes, that is a giant ashtray, and no, nobody smokes in our home
however, when I saw it I couldn't pass it up, so the husband got it as an early anniversary present
this amazing suitcase (that matches my train case) was only $7
not sure what I'll do with the Ice-O-Mat ice crusher but I couldn't pass it up for $2
I love it on my counter
and finally, not much new on this table
but I am so happy it finally came together
the top of this red dresser has posed to be quite the challenge for me
but now I am super pleased with the pieces

enjoy your weekend

oh, and tomorrow is ten on ten
if you are a fellow blogger you might want to check it out
It will be my first time participating in this photo project
pretty much you take one picture for ten consecutive hours of your day
on the tenth of the month
then you link your images posted on your blog & join in with others
I'll give it a whirl & let you know how it goes
to find out more check out a bit of sunshine here


  1. I have yet to find good thrifting in this corner of Texas that I live in. I'm originally from the Chicago that's where good thrifting is at!

    I did find 2 frames yesterday that I'm just gonna paint and distress a bit (and probably put them in my classroom...or my house!)

    love your thrifty finds!

  2. and PS, i'm joining you on that Ten on Ten project tomorrow! :) coolness!

  3. What fabulous finds! I, too, am a teacher and while I miss my kids in the summer, I love that I am able to go thrifting on a regular basis and read uninterrupted. Here's my post on my latest finds, if you're interested.
    I look forward to following your blog.

  4. I just wanted to say hi. I came to your blog from the Pyrex Collective and I've been reading some of your teaching posts, as I am a teacher too. I totally feel your pain and went through a similar expierience with being let go. I hope it all works out for you, you seem like an awesome teacher!

  5. P.S. I totally almost got a turquoise Ice-O-Matic yesterday. It was in an antique store, not a thrift store, so it was too pricey for me. But I really wanted it!

  6. What great finds! Fifty cents? So jealous!

  7. wow! great finds. i'm a little jealous, not gonna lie about it. =)



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