Thursday, March 29, 2012

why pinterest could have saved me hours

well, procrastination never used to be my thing
when my thing was full time student
now that my thing is full time teacher -and-
full time student
procrastination is inevitable 
and painful
and being knocked on my bum for the last eight days hasn't helped the process along either
now this particular assignment has been enjoyable
create a visual journal of images around you that you love
that inspire you
that evoke creativity
so pretty much, my pinterest boards
but no, we have to kick it the old fashion way and put it together 
on paper with paste and all
so out came the magazines
and the ripping began
just like when I was a pre-teen making collages for my bedroom walls
and yeah, I think starting this twenty-five days ago
like I was instructed to do so
would have been easier
but hey
I guess acting a little more like a teenager is good
at any age
but yeah, pinterest, instead of wasting hours of my life away
you could have saved me hours...

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