Tuesday, April 3, 2012

stay-cation [spring break]

well after numerous hours on the internet
with no luck
we decided for a little vacation at home
I'm starting to realize how jaded and ridiculously spoiled I am
to feel like there is just no place I want to see within a couple hour drive of my home
san francisco
eh, been there, done that, oh, and it might rain
lake tahoe
I only like the snow there when I'm snuggled in a cabin
which wasn't going to be happening for a single night away
so we stayed home
enjoyed a day of our favorite antique spots
with unfortunately no treasures finding their way home with us
but it still was a great little date day for us
and we topped the evening out with some happy hour
where we ordered enough for at least four people
but hey, now we have enough for the husband's midnight snack

1 comment:

  1. Staycations are the best! We always think about going away for a short weekend holiday, but the effort is always too much for us. It's much nicer to do little day trips then come home to our own beds :)


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