Friday, April 27, 2012

apparently I am a rule breaker

when it comes to fire codes in my classroom
I was dreading this morning's fire inspection
this is why:
and yes, this is just one corner of my room
but it is pretty much like this in every corner of my room
I was hoping it would be done before I actually got there
no such luck
you should have seen the eyes on the two firemen as they entered my room 
I know they were doing their job, and they were very nice about it
but I'm only supposed to have 25% of my walls covered with paper
and I think I have about 90%
so needless to say they will be back to "reinspect" my room
and I just hope it is after may 10th, open house
needless to say it was an odd way to start the day
and put me in a funky mood that my kids found to be an enjoyable way
to end the week
happy weekend.


  1. My room looks the same way. Don't feel too bad about it ;) I am keeping my fingers crossed that they come back after your Open House.

    Teaching in Room 6

    1. me too Stephanie!!! This is my first time in five years I've been busted for my extreme paper business!

  2. Hehe, you're so rebellious! We get the same thing with our rental inspections, we had to disconnect our fire alarm because it is SO loud and goes off every time we use the stove. So we always get told off when they see it hanging open, and asked if we need a new battery... It's like, yes, I know it's a fire trap, stop looking at me like that!

    1. it's the little things in life, right? We also have one of our fire alarms off the ceiling in our apartment - rebel all around!

  3. Shh, I have a mini fridge :0 You do such cool stuff, it is a shame to not put it on display. Good luck with the 2nd inspection.

    1. thanks - and I ALSO have a mini fridge. It isn't against fire code here, and for now, my district is still allowing them. I know many have nixed them!

  4. I'm new to your blog-- found it through a friend, love it! I had exactly the same response from firemen that walked into my room about a month ago! They made me feel crazy, glad I'm not alone ;)

    1. thanks for following! I just feel lucky that the re-inspection has not been scheduled for this week, so it looks like open house will be a go - then all the work comes down Friday which will make me pretty sad. However, it is just about time to move on...


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