Tuesday, April 24, 2012

civil war in four days...sure, why not?

um, have I mentioned that the spring is the ultimate crunch time?
and especially when you are new to a grade
and you don't really know how long to take on things, like way back in september
sure, in hindsight I most likely would have spent a tad less time on the colonies
and more time on the civil war and reconstruction
but all I can say is I've done my best
so for now, it is all about teaching a pretty ridiculously important war in four days
and obviously reading a 34 page chapter was kind of out of the question
so instead, another new way to take notes
and the use of lots of "real" photos should do the trick
the best part of my day was surely when one of my kids asked where I got this lesson
and I just kind of pointed to my head and smiled
and the student responded: 
"pretty impressive Mrs. Lewis, pretty impressive"
um, biggest compliment ever, well, at least for the week
oh, and getting to use color pencils for note taking
at any age, is kind of the best thing ever
sometimes the littlest change can make everything oh so much better
12"x18" paper
colored pencils
pinch of awesomeness

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