Sunday, April 22, 2012

sunday's "so they said"

well, not all children have a.d.d.
but one thing is true
all teenagers love things for a few days, obsess over them
and then move onto the next thing
this has been the case in my classroom all year long
whether it has been a catch phrase, something they have seen in a movie
or just something said at lunch
you hear their trends pretty clear
some I choose to comment on
and when I do 
the kids seem oh so surprised that I, their teacher
may have some idea as to what they are talking about
and that is exactly what happened this week 
when out of nowhere one minute before the bell rang, two of my kids shouted
image here
"we should hardcore parkour during passing"

and after a few smiles and laughs from those in class
I responded by saying

"well, I think to really hardcore parkour I think you need a video camera to document it.  If not, aren't you just jumping around like fools?"

and of course, because being the ripe old age of 27
my kids looked at me with wide eyes that I knew what they were talking about
and yes, due to my recent acquiring of cable this year
fortunately, I did know about the latest tosh.o trend happening this season
and I must admit, my age + cable = me having a clue what teenagers are talking about
of course another student chimed in

"Don't worry Mrs. Lewis, it says that the show is for mature audiences, and we are mature.  Oh, and Daniel Tosh is pretty hot."

well, enough said
and the best part of teaching middle school is I don't have to get all crazy
about telling them they are too young to be watching whatever it is they are at that moment
thankfully, hardcore parkour died out by the next day
but it did make for a pretty entertaining passing period
and hey, nobody was hurt, so just go with it
that's the key to surviving middle school

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