Saturday, April 14, 2012

welcoming spring

yes it is true
it has been spring for a while now
but last sunday my family
[sans the husband & sister]
soaked up the sun
and officially welcomed spring to our little corner of the world
we enjoyed cake pops that I had the opportunity to make with my cousin the day before
an easter egg hunt where the age of the participants ranged from 16-27
that's how we do in our family
you should have seen the four of us trying to find the last two eggs in our grandma's yard
sure there was $20 in the egg
but all the same, it was pretty entertaining
I got to open my easter basket that had some surprises I'll be sharing here soon
and let's just say I was pretty sugared out by 5p.m.


  1. Those cake pops look so good, especially the little chicken! It sounds like you had a fun Easter :)

    1. thanks - we had a really good time making them too - I just needed some smaller fingers for some of those tiny sprinkles!

  2. wooow so cute your cake pops.
    I love it

    hugs Conny


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