Sunday, April 8, 2012

sunday's "so they said"

I must admit
some weeks I just can't remember anything that my kids have said
and I know there is always something that completely cracks me up

and this "so they said" in fact came back to me while watching an Ellen episode this week
probably a good month or so after the actual classroom quote occurred

needless to say
teaching middle school has gotten my brain to go to the less than innocent place 
and that is exactly what happened a few weeks back when I found a note 
left behind after class
I open it to find in big writing
"Your pen is so awesome, I love everything about it."

The only problem was, when they wrote this little note to their friend
their spacing was not quite where it needed to be
so instead, this is what I saw
"Your penis is so awesome, I love everything about it."

Needless to say, I freaked just a tad.
Even pulled a few of the kids aside the next day to try to figure out who exactly wrote it
only to realize I was about to put my foot in my mouth
when one of my kids kindly pointed out
as we looked at the pretty glitter pen note
"Mrs. Lewis, I think so and so wrote it, and why do you care so much who wrote it, she is just talking about her friend's pen."
Yes, I could have died
right there on the spot

and due to the nature of this post
I sure hope I don't get any weird google searches
oh well, I'll risk it
because I think I should
and I can always just blame Ellen

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