Monday, June 11, 2012

and then year five was done

today was the last day of school
and officially the end of my fifth year of teaching
and if you have been reading long, it also happened to be the end 
of my first year in middle school
something I realized may have my name written all over it
so yes, my pink slip hasn't been rescinded
and it will be a wait and see game again this summer
but one thing is true
today I said goodbye to my students with no tears
and just happiness as I send them off to high school with my tagline
"go do great things"
they left me with some pretty great messages as well
and when you are packing up your things once again
getting to spend a couple of minutes reading all their messages is kind of the best way 
to end the year
so thanks middle school, you're alright in my book
so year six, what will you have in hold for me?
middle school again, I'd be ok with that


  1. I am glad you enjoyed your first year of middle schoo! They are an interesting bunch of students! My students did the same thing with my white board and it was the last item I cleaned up in my room.

    1. besides turning out the light, erasing my white board was the very last thing I did today. even though I am ready to move on, it is always so hard for me to say goodbye to my classrooms!

  2. Yay! 1st year middle school complete! Now spend your summer relaxing and getting ready for your peanut :)

    1. Rhoda - you are so right, this summer is going to be baby central for me. We find out boy or girl in two weeks and then it is SO ON!


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