Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a school year in review

it wasn't really until today that I got a little sentimental about this year
even when I am ready to move on to next place
saying goodbye to a classroom is the hardest thing for me
I just kind of stand there and take it all in
thinking about how many hours I spent in that room
and all the amazingness that happened between those four walls 
so I decided to spend a little time reflecting on this year
and I've put together a list of a few of my favorite posts from this year

I love looking back and seeing how far I've come this year
my first couple of weeks were such an adjustment
I literally thought this year was going to be an impossible journey

Our debate on Loyalists vs. Patriots was a day to remember
they were so prepared and enthused about the entire lesson
it was truly one of those days when I began to realize how awesome middle school can be

The learning curve was pretty big this year
and I quickly learned how little I really knew about U.S. History
I must admit I feel like a better citizen after this year

A few years back I had done a poetry reading with my 6th graders
but I must admit doing this type of activity a second time around proved very sucessful
getting to have the kids read their original pieces of poetry on Andrew Jackson
was a favorite day for me and the kids

 I found as many ways as possible to have my kids debate this year
their compromises and thought processes were so amazing to me
and man, did that information really stick with the kids
 they made me very proud when reviewing for the big end of the year standardized test
they were quoting this debate, months later, success

And finally, I learned that not all conversations with middle schoolers 
were going to be "on topic", especially when chaperoning school dances
but one thing is true, they always knew how to make me smile
and that's what I'm going to miss the most

so there it is
a quick look back at my year in 8th grade
see the rest of my middle school years here
and now the reality has sunk in
I'm not going to work tomorrow
let the nursery planning/baby prepping begin!

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