Tuesday, June 26, 2012

we are having a little GIRL!

well, we were feeling girl
our friends and family [mostly] were feeling girl
and let's just say I was pretty excited to find out today 
that yes, we are having a little girl!
I pretty much can't explain my excited-ness right now
so I will try again tomorrow!
the one thing I can say is my husband is officially on the awesome husband list
for giving me what I deep down really wanted
so yeah, thanks for that


  1. Yay a girl!! What exciting news! Congratulations!

  2. thanks - we are SO happy, and now that we know, I can't wait to go shopping :)

  3. Congratulations!! Girls are so much fun!!

    1. thanks sharon - I was trying really hard not to lean too far one way or the other, but I am over the moon excited to have a little girl!!!

  4. Wonderful news! Let the shopping madness begin :P

  5. Aw, how exciting! There will be so many cute things to buy! Girl baby things are the sweetest.

    I felt 'girl' with my baby and had a boy, hehe. So much for mother's intuition!

    1. Lyndall - I was thinking I might have just been "feeling" girl because I was leaning towards wanting a girl, so I was trying not to think about it one way or the other too much :)

      your little man is so adorable by the way - very handsome!


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